About Pranic Healing  

Pranic Healing is an advanced form of energy healing that involves the use of the life force or prana to realign, balance, and harmonize the human energy system to heal the body and promote wellness.

This Service is Great for...

  • Special cases or chronic conditions that require high frequency of treatment for a period of time such as: Pain management, high blood pressure, cancer, pre-surgery and surgery recovery, grief, depression among other psychological or emotional conditions.
  • Anyone who is working maintaining good health with a budget friendly service.
  • Ideal as a gift for family members and friends.
  • Excellent to remove obstacles from projects and proper manifestation of goals dreams.

How It Works

  • Every week Monday thru Friday you will get a Group Distant Healing Session. 
  • All healing sessions are performed by Certified Pranic Healers
  • The Group Distant Healing Sessions are performed without interaction during the session.
  • For a more effective healing process and to monitor your progress. Your feedback is required (minimum once a week).  If the healing sessions are for a family member or a friend, you must be able to provide feedback on a regular basis. 

Easy Steps to Register 

1. Register bellow for a month of healing and sign the waiver.

2. Send us an email with your healing request. 

3. We will perform the Group Distant Healing Session 5 times a week for a month.

4. Give us feed back of your progress at least once a week via email. 

Your Team of Certified and Experienced Pranic Healers

Angela Barrios-Cohen

Angela is a Certified Pranic Healing Instructor teaching Basic Pranic Healing, Advanced Pranic Healing and Pranic Psychotherapy workshops in the South Florida Area where she has developed a vibrant Pranic Healing community. She is also a Certified Pranic Healer and mentor for local and international community of students who are developing the skills to become great healers.

As a sought-after healer, certified trainer and mentor, Angela offers inspiring workshops as well as transformational guidance that help her clients achieve new levels of confidence, wellness, success, meaning, and spiritual connection.

Alicia Martin

Alicia Martin has a steady practice and Arhatic Yoga since 2009.

Alicia is a Certified Pranic Healer and uses a holistic integrative approach combining Pranic Healing, Positive Psychology, Brave Thinking Techniques and Transformational Coaching to accelerate results and create purpose driven, more fulfilling lives .

She is dedicated to restore and balance all aspects of the self as a whole. On one hand, heals at an energetic level thru MCKS’s Pranic Healing. On the other, implements successful cognitive techniques to break through limitations to obtain clarity and confidence. Her mission is to facilitate the design and accelerate the creation of a balanced, more successful life that people truly love living.

Carolina Ayala

For over 14 years, Carolina has worked with hundreds of clients to promote wellness bу соmbіnіng the power оf business consulting, energy healing and life coaching.

Carolina is a Certified Pranic Healer. Her passion is to help others achieve their dreams by uѕіng energy hеаlіng techniques that allow them to сrеаtе сhаngе аt thе lеvеl оf thе ѕоul, freeing them tо mоvе fоrwаrd towards their heart's dеѕіrеs аnd engage their best self.

Carolina’s new endeavor is to empower children through the knowledge of energy so they learn to shine from within and reach their full potential.

Rosa Velasco

Rosa Velasco Is a Pranic Psychotherapist and a Certified Pranic Healing Instructor since 2006. She has been practicing Pranic Healing, the Meditation on Twin Hearts and MCKS Arhatic Yoga for more than 15 years. Rosa brings her extensive experience to empower people and to improve their quality of life at many levels, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritual. with her extensive knowledge and experience she has been facilitating the healing process of hundreds of people. Rosa is authorized to teach Basic Pranic Healing, Advanced Pranic Healing and Pranic Psychotherapy workshops. Languages: Spanish - English


I, the recipient, understand that Pranic Healing is not meant to replace conventional medicine but rather to complement it. If symptoms persist, a medical professional is to be consulted immediately. I hereby release the person(s) providing Pranic Healing and the Pranic Healing organization from any liability as a result of the services received by me. The protected health information provided will be dealt with sensitivity, in strict confidence, and may be disclosed or used for therapy and quality improvement.

I or my representative(s) agree to fully release and hold harmless Pranic Healing Events LLC and its practitioners from and against any and all claims or liability of whatsoever kind or nature arising out of or in connection with my session(s).

Public Notice

PRANIC HEALING is not intended to replace allopathic medicine, but rather to complement it.
PRANIC HEALING practitioners do not physically touch the client’s body. They cleanse and balance the energy to enable the body to naturally heal itself.
PRANIC HEALING respects all religions and philosophies.
PRANIC HEALING practitioners do not prescribe any medications and/or medical treatments nor interfere with prescribed medications and/or medical treatments.
PRANIC HEALING practitioners are not medical doctors, but medical doctors can be Pranic Healers.
PRANIC HEALING practitioners do not diagnose diseases, make any health claims, or guarantee any outcomes.
- MCKS 2006

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